Cleanlyy Accidental Damage Policy

Due to the nature of work, there may be instances where a cleaner either directly or indirectly, accidentally damages property. 
Cleanlyy is only liable to cover damages of up to £320, with compensation awarded in cleaning credit which can be redeemed against all Cleanlyy services. 

Reporting Accidental Damage

All damage must be reported Cleanly within 48 hours of the clean taking place. This will trigger an official accidental damage case and we will be in touch to request further information and photographs. 
You can report cases of accidental damage by phone or email. 
Please note, your cleaner will not be held responsible for any damage due to natural ‘wear & tear’.


For Cleanlyy to verify the purchase of a damaged item, a receipt will be required (or bank/credit card statement) in order to process compensation. 
When determining the level of compensation Cleanlyy will take into account the industry benchmarks to advise on depreciation rates. Some examples of these are:

  • Electronics - 19% depreciation of value annually
  • Furniture - 36% of depreciation of value annually

All compensation is offered in terms of non-refundable credit which can be redeemed against all Cleanlyy services up to a maximum of £320.

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